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The Struggle Against Carbon Ash is the Struggle Against Capital

  By: Ángel Rodríguez “The struggle we are carrying out in Peñuelas is against very powerful people.”  This is how Janette Albino, one of the community...

Workers, the rich keep robbing us of our daily bread!

By: MAO Many are the workers in Puerto Rico distressed by working conditions.  The life of the workers consists of being subjected to disturbing apparatus...

The “Plan for Puerto Rico” is Synonymous With Pillage

By: Rogelio Acevedo With a debt of $69 billion, a moratorium on payment up on January 31st, a working class that represents 40% of a...

Treasury Is In The Service of Wall Street And Its Junta With Our Money

The bourgeois electoral circus proved to serve the interests of Wall Street and the election of its candidate, Ricardo Roselló.  He travelled to New...

From Peñuelas to Standing Rock

The recent arrests of some 40 protesters in the area of Peñuelas, Puerto Rico, a small town on the southern coast of the US colony, brings to light yet another example of environmental degradation and indifference to the collective health of the poor which characterizes the capitalist profit system. Protesters were arrested last week as they attempted to block over 50 trucks loaded with carbon ash (Coal Combustion Residuals or CCRs) destined for a landfill managed by the Alabama-based company EC Waste located on the outskirts of Peñuelas. The carbon ash is generated at a coal-fired electric power plant located in Guayama, a town on Puerto Rico’s southeastern coast, owned by the Virginia based Applied Energy Services (AES) and currently operating under a 25-year contract to sell energy to the highly indebted Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA). The Guayama plant, which generates about 15% of Puerto Rico’s electricity, was listed in 2011 by the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) as one of the ‘dirtiest’ within US jurisdictions. Carbon ash from the coal-fired plant is legally deposited in at least two other landfills on the island and several other locations have been identified as illegal dumpsites, including rivers and agricultural land along the southern coast.

Wall Street’s Energy Reform: Just Another Link in the Colonial Chain

By: Ramón The public debate over “energy reform” in Puerto Rico has centered on the high cost of electricity as well as the bankruptcy of...

The slow death of the bourgeois electoral system

By: Rogelio Acevedo The past electoral event and its results have confirmed the monumental fraud that has characterized bourgeois democracy and its institutions in the...

Nueva versión en inglés / English version

Con el propósito de ampliar el campo de lucha de la clase trabajadora en Puerto Rico, y a la misma vez, fortalecer nuestros vínculos con la clase obrera de Estados Unidos y el mundo, Abayarde Rojo comienza una nueva etapa con la traducción en inglés de su edición impresa. La traducción al inglés de nuestra edición impresa comienza con la tirada de septiembre 2016 y coincide con las agudas confrontaciones de clase que nos esperan a las masas trabajadoras en tiempos de PROMESA en el territorio de Puerto Rico. ¡Trabajadores del mundo uníos!

Workers, Revolution is on the agenda!

By Political Commission  PCPR The working class in Puerto Rico and internationally is the motive force of society.  We are a majority of wage laborers...

The workers don’t lie: The energy outage is privatization

By Ramón The breakdown at the Aguirre power plant on September 21st provoked the energy collapse of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) leaving...
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