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UN Monitor will investigate extreme poverty in Puerto Rico

The investigations’ results are highly predictable. The United States is, at the same time, the richest and consistently classified amongst the most unequal countries in the world. In fact, a recent investigation highlighted that only three people in the United States possess the same amount of riches as 160 million persons, the poorest half of the population in the United States in terms of riches.

Will Keleher’s new Educational Regions plan be beneficial?

This plan represents the refinement of previous public fund looting schemes that will have very negative repercussions over our children and youth, over working conditions for teachers and principally in communities where these schools are located. It is in tune with the plan of the Trump Administration to deteriorate the quality of, and to make public education ever less accessible for the working masses.

Wall Street Board Member Reveals the Truth About What Capitalists Propose

Biggs has confirmed the warning we communists have made to the workers.  The truth is that were this “altruistic” member of the Board not so arrogant we would have to thank him for the service rendered of clearing up any doubts with respect to the true objective being pursued by the capitalists.

Death and Emigration as a Policy for Social Cleansing

Casting aside “logistical concerns” expressed by federal agencies, this plan brings to the fore the openly fascist policy being carried out against sectors of the dispossessed, for whom a viable solution consists not of providing adequate housing but rather expulsion from the country against their will.

The cheap politics of liberal outrage

The outrage of our Puerto Rican liberals is nothing more than cheap politics. The class conscious workers are not fooled by this. As grotesque a figure as Trump or his consorts appear to be, the liberals can offer nothing better.

The ultra-reactionary character of the status consultation

  By: Ismael Castro The efforts carried out by the PNP majority to organize a consultation “statehood” or “sovereignty separate from the US” this year coincide...

Rosselló, his plan and the dismantling of education

By: A. Rodríguez Ricardo Rosselló is intensifying the anti-worker agenda to satisfy the demands o the Wall Street Junta in the service of bondholders.  Rosselló...

Free Trade or Protectionism?

By: Carlos Borrero Economic protectionism is on the rise.  The ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency in the US has been accompanied by demagogic...

We must destroy the myth of development through wage slavery and privatization

By: Ramón During the past several years, the working class in the territory has suffered an impoverishment of its means of subsistence never before seen...

Tax reform: another attack on the working class

By: Rogelio Acevedo With the recent passage of the labor reform law as well as other measures favored by native and foreign capital, the great...
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